With Mask.ID you avoid automatic face recognition.

At train stations, airports and myriad other public places, surveillance is being expanded. New police laws allow in a preventive policing strategy mass collection and storage of data,that does not demand explicit cause for suspicion. Biometric data is stored in a European database and used for automated facial recognition. We help you to protect yourself.

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To participate in Mask ID, you must provide your portrait to us. With each uploaded photo, the service becomes more precise and anonymous for all users. Do you agree that your picture will be stored in our database?

Take back your identity.

We hacked the Bundesdruckerei and had a passport printed in which two people can be identified: the EU Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, and a penguin from our team. Now Frederica Mogherini and one of our team members can travel around the world with the same passport. If we are able to do this, rich and powerful companies and states will also be able to access and manipulate personal data.

Each person’s biometric data is unique. They can now serve as a password, login or travel authorization. Every person who applies for a passport or ID card provides fingerprints and facial recognition data that are incorporated into government databases. Any database can be hacked - fingerprints and iris scans are already popular commercial goods that are pulled by companies. Those who have access to them can also copy and deposit them at a crime scene in order to implicate innocent people: the uninvolved becoming persecuted. But mafiosis are not our biggest problem.

Our own authorities are working flat out to merge existing databases. Where previously, strict rules applied what may happen with our biometric data, under the pretext of fighting crime, the rules now changed. Under the remit of policing, more and more authorities can access this expanding data base. As the technological means to monitor and control us are becoming more and more comprehensive, so is the possibility of arbitrarily harming unpleasant critics.

It is time to put an end to this development. To empower us with our data, to shape our identity ourselves. To flood the databases with misinformation, to avoid automatic recognition, to bring administrators of these databases to our site, and to determine our own data.

Join Mask.ID!.